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new word for feeling grimey and unclean, mixture of grungy and crubby.
I woke up and feel all gaunchy.
by uno531 June 22, 2008
Any form of absurdly tight underwear that extends above the belly button, usually worn by, some middle age woman, and is particularly famous amongst older generations.
Jessica- " Sometimes i feel so old."
Sean- "You think your old now, wait until your my Grandmas age. Your taste in underwear will go from thongs, to Gaunchies."
by yourmomwearsgaunchies November 08, 2010
Feeling dirty and grimey. crubby.
not appealing
I woke up and i feel all gaunchy.
by uno531 July 10, 2008
Something nasty and dried out
The ashy kid was gaunchy
by The Claymyster December 31, 2007

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