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Extremely homosexual, gay, or a faggot.
Michael said he was going to ship something out for me, but he says he isn't going to do it anymore! He's so gaty.
by Tommaht G. April 22, 2008
An extremely obese homosexual individual.
rhianna is such a gaty.
by dwhxx October 14, 2011
Largely unfit to be invited to events or groups because of a slight gay radiant.
"Don't invite him. He's too gaty."
"Kick that gaty kid out!"
by The Gaty Chat Itself October 15, 2014
someone who is super gay or a big noob that you call gay
That kid Dave is so Gaty, no one likes him
by lilcj July 10, 2008
A word used to represent "gay" on forums that have gay censored. Spelled like this usually "g@y"
person 1 - Your so gaty.
person 2 - Hey shut up! You are g@y.
by harry the hard one December 12, 2003
Slang term that is short for gatorade.
"I'm going to the store. You want anything."

"Get me a watermelon Gaty."
by g-man January 18, 2005