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1. One who's penis hasn't yet reached maturity.

2. A man who is known for being very passive aggressive.

3. An excuse maker that lives in complete denial.

4. The kid that would hit you from behind then would dash to his front door.
Hi, I'm my weiner isn't small, it's my belly that makes it look smaller than it actually is.
#gator #hippy #penis #passive #aggressive
by gatorhippy's Dad April 02, 2007
8 Words related to gatorhippy
1. A notorious poster that kills threads wherever he feels the need.

2. The "All Time Greatest Key-Board Warrior."

3. An internet legend.

4. A nincompoop incapable of holding an intelligent conversation to someone's face, therefore the internet is the place where he goes to feel safe.
I am gatorhippy.....this thread is dead.
#gator #hippy #warrior #legend #weirdo
by The next door neighbor April 03, 2007
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