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To give someone an ego boost, to swell up their head with compliments.
Stop telling that girl she's fine, your gassing her head.
by sycotik June 10, 2003
To blow something out of proportion. to over hype a subject or speak on it with a level that is greater than it actually is.
"Yo!!! you should've been at that party! It was crazy, like some Project X meets Hangover type of shit!!!"

"Don't listen to him. That party was cool but he's just gassing it."
by d-bol December 08, 2012
Gassing is a term used in prison, it is when a prisoner stores faeces, urine, and sometimes blood in a bag; which is used to assault a guard usually during head counts. Usually from a convicts which have a life sentence because they're not going enywhere.
I was a victim of a gassing I my have been exposed to HIV hepatitis A, B, and C now i have to be tested and on anti-viral drugs. and it could take up to three to six months of being on medical leave then i find out if I'm infected.
by beast 1/2 November 01, 2006
When you are roasting or makimg fun of someone
Dwayne:Jhon you got a bigg ass forhead
Lebron:jhon dwayn is gassing on you
by Bnotes March 11, 2015
Excessively consume.
My Irish friend was gassing back Bud Lights at the card game this weekend.
by decept025 June 29, 2011
When a guy wearing a polo shirt throws his collar up. Can be double-gassed when wearing two polo shirt, one on top of the other, and both collar are up.
Did you just see that guy? He was gassing.
by Nash November 02, 2004
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