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The largest high school party ever. Consists of huge amounts of drinking, girls, boobies, music, ninja security guards and ecstasy.
Have you seen Project X yet, that movie is insane! I wish I had been at that party
by TillTheBreakOfDawn March 04, 2012
What happens Superbad and The Hangover have sex
Last night was Project X!!
by Webster's_kid March 01, 2012
Project X entered theaters March 2. Produced by Todd Phillips, the movie features three unpopular seniors attempting to make a name for themselves. They end up throwing the party of their lives. The film received mediocre reviews from 50+ year olds who dont know how to have fun. The film was viewed by an audience of 67% under 25 years old. Tits, Cops, Flamethrowers, Parties. AKA best party movie ever made.
Johnny: Yo bro have you seen project x yet?
Bobby: Naw man not my kind of movie.
Johnny: Get some friends.
by fabsouza March 05, 2012
A large house party. Not just any party, but one with more than 1,500 people attending, 2 DJ's, and over $2,000 in damages. Comparable to the party seen in the film Project X (2012). To make it more like the Project X thrown in the film, police should have been called, and drugs other than weed should be largely available.
Oh my god dude, I can't believe how big that party was! It was totally a Project X!
by projectexer March 04, 2012
The situation in which a man is dancing with a woman, grinding his junk against her ass and sports wood. also see wood.
man, i was totally giving that hooker project x! and she loved it! see project Y.
by Steve Winters November 01, 2003
in this expression, x is a variable, to represent the age of an older woman that a younger man seduces, for example project 53 (from which the term originated)
m: remember that older chick you hooked up with?

j: you mean project 53? i set her up with my dad!
by larry burns January 30, 2005
in relation to the movie, a ProjectX party is huge and out of control
guy1: "Dude are you going to the ProjectX party?"
guy2: "Ya man its going to be dope!"
by JCfrancis January 30, 2012