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A vertical stripe of hair above female genitals that sometimes resemble an 18th century moustache.
Often found a few weeks after a Brazilian and usually found on women in their 30’s.
"Fuck me Mum, I almost sneezed and sharted myself while chin deep in this fat tart's poon the other night, her gash tash would have done you proud, here's a pic..."

"Hey Bob, you could clean a rusty spoon with your wife’s gash tash, get it shaved off you arsehole acrobat"
by Chris Davie May 09, 2008
When a bloke cuts himself severely when shaving on the mustache area. He has a Gash Tash.

A nick name for someone who severely cut themselves shaving on the mustache.
I gashed my tash yesterday when shaving!

Hey, Terry cut his top lip yesterday badly when shaving, i'm gonna call him Gash Tash from now on!
by sangraygin July 03, 2012

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