A homosexual male who enjoys eating dead bugs for money.
Ewwww! I can't believe that Garth just ate a bug for $5!
by Encorist February 24, 2010
Top Definition
a crazy alcohlic german that loves bier more than he loves his mom. loves to party and fuck hoes. also a member of the 3Gs a top secret society.
garth, you are an alcoholic
by deutsche land July 09, 2006
1. A wide space \ Garden
2. Someone who is fit \ sexy.
3. A good friend.
1. have you seen the size of my garth?
2. My god, that's garth.
3. Yeah, he is garth.
by ThE_WiLkStA December 27, 2004
Fairly direct with his intentions and in dealing with people. Not one to beat around the bush. Thinks that the truth will set you free no matter how hard it is to hear. Usually associated with music in some form. Very connected with everything because he believes all is connected.
Garth's honesty is brutal, but at least he tells the truth.
by analomus February 04, 2010
A slightly heavy male who likes holding people down and spanking them!!
OMG Look at that Garth holding down that poor little girl
by the one who was spanked August 10, 2011
is a funny, unique character, puts the G in gangster, or thug, has a big *ick to keep his pants from saggin, is part of the 3G'S a top secret service, well respected. Loves banging doggystyle. Likes rap, drum & bass, trance, kunt, azz, bj's , anal foreplay, gettin blown, garth is a mutha effin rockstar.
Oh my, garth your so huge!!

Cynthia: "Hey!!! whos that cute gay boy?"
Crystal: umm that would be Garth.
Cynthia: wow is he ever cute.
Crystal: yeah isn't he ever cute.
Cynthia: would you?
Crystal: ive already been there girl. Hes hung like a horse!!!
by kum*Star June 20, 2010
To excessively rage at something that shouldn't be raged at
"Oh no, he's going to do a Garth at that game again"
by Cameroon Baxter November 11, 2014
A lazy old man that gets joy from yelling at children, usually over dramatic and often is balding or far to stressed out over nothing.
person 1: "Jeez, that guy really needs to calm down."

person 2: "I know right? He's such a Garth."
by 1029384756g December 03, 2011
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