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Slang - A shortening of garbage bag (usually referring to the large black garbage bags)
I need another garbag for the bin.
Anyone got a garbag I can throw all these things in for the trip home?
by baggins1 January 27, 2012
1. A failed attempt at spelling the word garbage or garage. (I'm not sure which)

2. A new word created by jaylen, an 8 year old boy that likes to hack Pokemon games to make himself look mature.
If garbag is in fact a new word, it most likely means a kind of bag in which you can fit people inside or a sad excuse for a mobile home.
jaylen: "MunchingOrange, get in my garbag!"
MunchingOrange: "wtf is a garbag?"
jaylen: "Just crawl into it and go to hell!"
by Garbagger August 21, 2009
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