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1. Of having front teeth that are separated by a prominent or conspicuous gap, space or aperture.
2. A pejorative term used to describe any person whose front teeth are separated by such a gap.
"So what'd you think of Johnno's new girlfriend?"
"She's cute, though a bit gappy for my liking."

"What's this movie you're watching?"
"Not sure, just switched over; this gappy french bitch just killed that dude, and now she's trying to work out what to do with the body."
by NerdPerfect February 07, 2008
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being so loose that you can slide right into a girls vajayjay hole that you up and disappear. for forevers.
Dang, that girl is gappy!
by iBUGin July 19, 2010
a mixture of giddiness and happiness, only produced by associating with jame.
I just talked to jame, thus I am gappy.
by shanizzle467 January 14, 2008
A term used to describe a person (of the male gender) who sleeps around, with preference to gingers.
"That boys a bit of a gappy"
by sue collehan March 08, 2008
Word I used in scatteragories for a male name beginning with the letter 'G'. They didn't let me use it.
Gappy turned his attention to the world and proclaimed victory!
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
Anything that is ill thought out. Anyone who is stupid.
I tried to speak to him intelligently but he's so gappy, I felt like I should be feeding him bananas.
by Almstrad July 21, 2006
A person with a giant gap in their teeth.
Hey gappy! I bet you floss with a 2x4
by Cpt. Obvious April 01, 2003

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