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The humorous nickname for the King of Darkness, Ganondorf Dragmire from the Legend of Zelda.
To get on his nerves, Tingle calls Ganondorf "Ganny" every single time he meets him.
by Artisan August 21, 2007
A ganny is a cuddly little child who has a sincere fascination w/ faeries and has far too many dimples when it smiles and especially loves to play with their siblings.Is found as a newborn in flower petals being tended to by the faerie guardians. You are extremely lucky to meet a ganny in your lifetime.
Ganny slept under the stars singing tunes w/ the nature spirits at day break.
by Chrissy March 28, 2005
A term to describe the desirable female genitalia, wherein one would like to place ones bone. It may sometimes be elusive in the most awesome of forms, but is more readily available when surrounded by a larger mass.
Are you going out tonight to get the ganny? or; did you get the ganny?
by J_C August 30, 2007
A Ganny is the remote control for a television set. Especially in the North of England, may have originated in Newcastle.
Pass me the ganny, i don't want to watch Noel Edmunds any more.
by Jables Bayliss February 13, 2007
"Ganny" or "The Ganny" is vernacular for the Internet. This word derives from the acronym GAN standing for Global Area Network.
"The Ganny is going very slow today"
"There's no ganny on this computer!"
"I posted my article on the ganny."
by buzzert November 23, 2005

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