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Ganondorf is the sole Gerudo male.

Not only is he The King of Thieves but he also The King of Darkness.

He first appeared in The Ocarina of Time and then appeared again in The Wind Waker.

He seems to be an emotionally disturbed man who was trying to get a better land for his race; however, when he got hold of the Triforce of Power he became mad with... Well... Power.
Ganondorf is super hot whether you like it or not.
by Alian's Ennui July 10, 2005
Ganondorf is the lone Gerudo every century who kidnaps Princess Zelda in nearly every "Legend of Zelda" Game. He is usually categorized as a megalomaniac or a pensive man with a troubled heart....many go as far to say that is the reason he kidnaps Zelda. He is a very tall and muscular man (very handsome in my opinion also)with red-orange hair, dark skin, and golden eyes. He also is in control of the Triforce of Power and uses it to its full extent. While he is a handsome man on the outside, he is a pig like monster on the inside, known as Ganon. His pig like attitude can be seen in the ways as rumored he has plenty of affairs with the Gerudo women and possibly has even assaulted Zelda.

On the other side however, he is very thoughtful and has an elaborate vocabulary.

His main enemy is Link, who also kills him every century with the Master Sword.

Link impaled Ganondorf Dragmire with the Master Sword and sealed him away in the sacred realm forever.
by Artisan! August 29, 2007
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