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To get robbed, stolen from, ripped off.
That guy ganked me when he sold me those wet firecrackers.
by driftwoods September 26, 2006
To steal something
I ganked some cds from k-mart
by gimpalicous May 07, 2003
To be killed without mercy on a MMORPG for the sport of it.
I went to fight that dragon and got ganked by a gang of Pkers.
by ThunderClap April 19, 2003
for one to have stolen something; to get jacked
Man that nigga big earl juss ganked my stash.

I just ganked the shoes right off that bitch.
by nichole December 30, 2004
to get jumped or killed by someone of a much higher lvl in a MMORPG
Those guchs from reborn ganked me on hindemith
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
To be killed by someone or someones where there is no chance to win
5 lvl 60s kill a lvl 2
by BillyMcPresscot May 10, 2005
to be killed PvP in an MMORPG when you weren't looking for a fight
That lvl 50 just ganked me while I was walking around farming
by brainybones July 10, 2008