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A word using the combination of "gang" and "bank". Gang meaning a lot and bank mean a lot of money. In conjunction, it means to be making a lot more money than "bank".
Jon: I made bank over the summer man, how about you?

Ralphy: I don't know how much you got, but I made gank!

Jon: Oh snap!!
by T-City August 30, 2010
Gank - a compound of the words gay(used in the pejorative sense) and wank. Meaning literally a gay wank. Used to describe something as bad, terrible, awful.
Did you see the Simpsons last night?

Yeah it was gank
by Aku Kim May 27, 2010
Slang term for a Gangsta. Means something or someone is cool.
Man, that guy is a total Gank around campus.
Are you just trying to be a Gank?
Dude, that's so Gank!
by Aaron2k2 October 28, 2009
noun, a combination of gang rapped and shanked. to beat someone up.
i was walking down the dark road, and two guys jumped out and ganked me!!
by mikey2110 April 06, 2009
A multipurpose word used for everything.
Usually an adjective.
May use in any tense, whenever you feel like it is needed.
Gank is to Southern Californians, as hella is to Northern Califorians, but a better choice of vocabulary.
That hip-hopping, booty-popping party was gank.
I almost bought some gank shoes.
by shannonmae March 01, 2009
Gank N. A gangly skank. Usually assosiated with whores, bitches, and in rare cases, science teachers.
Stephen:"Holy shit shes so ugly and thin!"

Brianna:"I know, what a fuckin gank!"
by Stephen Harbour May 12, 2008
slang mean; gross, nasty, annoying, or unsightly.
that girl looks gank.
by Brianna Malatesta April 03, 2008