slang mean; gross, nasty, annoying, or unsightly.
that girl looks gank.
by Brianna Malatesta April 03, 2008
To steal, especially when no one is looking. Proposed to be the union of "grab" and "yank".
I ganked these shoes from under the bleachers.
by LaksoVortex November 16, 2007
To Lotat. Also referred to as "getting that" or "I got that".
Lotat ganked that shit.
by Brianpr June 25, 2007
different term for 'gangster' or the act of being 'gangster'.
Brah, that is so gank.
by jstarr January 28, 2007
When a group of people gang up on you and you get pwned. Gank gained this extra meaning during a Warcraft 3 game of DOTA Allstars when someone spelled gang bang as gank bang.
They are gonna gank me soon. I just got ganked. Look at those damn gankers, all they do is gank.
by Randy June 20, 2005
1. to steal
2. to become intoxicated on any substance
3. to stab
1. "I ganked a soda from the store."
2. "I was so ganked last night on coffee/alcohol/marijuana/crack/heroin/etcetera."
3. "I ganked him with a shiv in the prison shower."
by InfrequentNinja March 03, 2004
A word using the combination of "gang" and "bank". Gang meaning a lot and bank mean a lot of money. In conjunction, it means to be making a lot more money than "bank".
Jon: I made bank over the summer man, how about you?

Ralphy: I don't know how much you got, but I made gank!

Jon: Oh snap!!
by T-City August 30, 2010

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