Gank is short for 'gangster' or any other word that means cool, awesome, 'mean as' or anything simaliar.
'Yo Elijah that hat is gank!!'
'I went to Texas and it was gank!!'

Insted of saying
'That zombie movie was off the chain' you would say
'Yo Shaggy that movie was gank as!!!'
by Rookie(:Short November 27, 2011
Adj. short for gangster, meaning cool or impressive. often used in a sarcastic fashion.
Man #1: I just dropped my ice-cream!
Man #2: Gank.
by monkeyninja124 November 20, 2011
The act of hooking up with someone, where every sexual act is performed except intercourse.
Dude, did you have sex with her last night?!

No man, I just ganked her.
by B-rick November 06, 2011
A gay skank.
Guy 1: Do you see how much Bobby grabs all the guys asses?
Guy 2: Yeah! He's a ganky man whore.
by levesquick November 02, 2011
Gank - (g-ank) noun, verb;

Gank is a new swear word used for the first time in Prestatyn Wales causing extreme offence to many

Its definition is the area of a morbidly obese womans fat roll which lies between the gunt and the cunt. Due to its location it is highly susceptible to many disgusting conditions the most prominent being Gankrot which produces a highly offensive odour and toxic seepage, the other is a lesser but still highly contagious condition known as Gankivitis.
"Did you shag that fat thing last night?"
"Yeah, that fuckin Gankslut had the crustiest wilting Gank I have ever seen, she left Gank sludge all over my balls"

"Hey, did you go to that dubstep club last night?
"Yeah I got my gank skank on baby!!!"

"R & B is fucking Gank! Bunch of inbred Gankbangers"

A gank carrier "hey boy you wanna piece of my gank clunge?"
"No fuck off you manky Gankrotter!"

She had a Gank like Chernobyl

"Get Ganked you fucking Gankwanker"

Exclusive, Charlie Sheen addicted to Gank!

"He's a wrongun. He shags blind Gank donkeys"
"I know, he tried to feltch the local Gank keeper too"

As rank as a wank in a Gank!

"Paul, I think my gran fancies you."
"Why,what makes you think that?"
"Cos everytime you deliver her weekly bag of herbals I can smell her gank twitching"

Flush yer Gank bitch you smell like Gary glitters jockstrap.
by Ganksta Thrapper March 28, 2011
slang mean; gross, nasty, annoying, or unsightly.
that girl looks gank.
by Brianna Malatesta April 03, 2008
When a group of people gang up on you and you get pwned. Gank gained this extra meaning during a Warcraft 3 game of DOTA Allstars when someone spelled gang bang as gank bang.
They are gonna gank me soon. I just got ganked. Look at those damn gankers, all they do is gank.
by Randy June 20, 2005

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