To kill another player, usually many levels lower than you, usually in one strike, not giving the other person a chance to fight back. Occurs on MMORPG games like Lineage II and World of Warcraft. Also known as PK'ing or Going Red on Lineage II.
Haha, I gotcha back, thats for ganking me outside Dion Castle Town the other week.

When I get bored, I gank noobs.
by Bill July 07, 2006
The act of hooking up with someone, where every sexual act is performed except intercourse.
Dude, did you have sex with her last night?!

No man, I just ganked her.
by B-rick November 06, 2011
A gay skank.
Guy 1: Do you see how much Bobby grabs all the guys asses?
Guy 2: Yeah! He's a ganky man whore.
by levesquick November 02, 2011
noun: a person who is a perpetual hater. smells like a goat, and talks in their sleep.
Shut up Dorian! You're such a GANK!
by ashamamalangthum July 26, 2011
Although Gank also is when someone on a high level on WoW kills someone on a low level this is a different meaning. A Gank is when you give someone a facial with poo.
Sabrina enjoys a good ganking
by Tittisaurus September 16, 2010
To take, swiftly, quickly and probably illegally.
I ganked this neaklace from Polly because she never wore it anyway.
by L.S. Lee December 11, 2009
gang-killing in a MMORPG
GANg-Killing, hence gank.
omfg 15v1, gankzored!
by Igetgankedalot May 10, 2004
to steal.
I ganked a bar of candy from the corner store.
by elia April 10, 2003

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