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The fine green stuff we all know and love as mary-jane, pot, marijuana, mean green.. etc.
I smoked 5 bowls of fine ganji in 18 seconds..
by hashman April 04, 2003
an urban style type of fashion in Korea, mostly known as 'street-wear' in America.
That girl's style is called Ganji.
by 12318449510 August 04, 2008
the spiritual leader of the Capesmen. He is omnipotent and the creator of all that contains bandit like qualities. Belief in Ganji is supposed to bring the capesmen their and it ability which makes them an elite group.
"When i looked in the back seat of the car it was just sitting there. It was as if Ganji was looking down on me and taking care of me."
by OofCRep12345 December 18, 2009
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