Top Definition
to be like a gangi*

an extremely coool person, usually originating from the new york area.

briana: im maddd fllllyy yooo!
chelsea: i know you like a muhhhefffffin gangi!
by bmg<3 March 01, 2008
A person or group of people(gangies) would have aquired magical or mystical attriubtes
Wow chirs angle new show is ill! he is a gangi. David blane is lame and he is a whack ass masood.
by Mind Freak December 02, 2006
jon-gi: one who acts and thinks as a primate would, has a fear of cats, urinates at astonishing speeds, and can make a mean cup of tea.
That Gangi flung poo at my face, then stole my pants.
by A. Danger. November 03, 2006

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