A cum shot to the lower jaw.
My friend shouted "You shall not pass!" at me, so I gave him a Gandalf.
by The Real Frodo Baggins June 03, 2009
To come back from the dead in a spectacular fashion, normally just in time to save someone's ass from getting kicked. Just like Gandalf in LOTR.
I was sure he was dead after the nuke went off, but he did a Gandalf and saved Bauer's ass.
by pasdaddy May 07, 2009
Coke or cocaine in powder form. The color of the substance resembles that of Gandalf's outfit after his transformation from grey to white.
Sam: I was up all night. I might have to take a nap after breakfast.
Bil: No dude, just take a hit of gandalf and you'll be able to at least make it through second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, and afternoon tea.
Pip: You shall not pass out.
by scoobysnatch January 09, 2013
In the first LOTR film Gandalf blows a smoke ship through a smoke ring. A Gandalf is someone who smokes so much weed that they have the same level of smoking
expertise as Gandalf himself.
Man1: "Stop hogging the splif Gandalf."
Man2: "Why don't you just fuck off and let me enjoy my bud Gandhi."
by Flossua March 21, 2009
1. A wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien's magnificent legendarium.

2. A pipe (used for tobacco or marijuana, but usually marijuana) which is shaped like the pipe that Gandalf smokes out of in Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.

This type of pipe has a normal, rounded bowl attached to a very long, thin stem.

When smoked, the bowl is held in front of the torso, somewhere between the nipples and the bellybutton, depending on the length of the stem. Longer stems are more desirable.
1. Gandalf is smoking some pipe-weed.

2. I am using a Gandalf to smoke some pipe-weed of my own.
by brifranc1421419 June 08, 2010
1. Growing a long white beard, much like that of the Lord of the Rings character it was named for.
2. Hitting something with a big stick
3. In a sexual situation, pulling the old man switcheroo when the lights go out. You switch yourself with an old man and by the time your partner notices, you have slinked away into the night.
1. When I get old, I'm just gonna Gandalf that shit.
2. I Gandalf (ed) that dude's mailbox the other day.
3. We weren't really that compatible, so I just hit it and Gandalf (ed) that bitch.
by Silveyse November 29, 2009
The act of ejaculating into one's hand and flinging it into the air with a flick of the wrist; reminiscent of a magician casting a spell.
I gandalfed all over her new jacket so she had to go to the dry cleaners.
by Generic Cereal January 14, 2010

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