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To be denied access to somewhere or something. Derived from Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers where Gandalf proclaims "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
"Pete couldn't get in Sophbeck because he didn't have any ID so got gandalfed by the bouncer"
by Pedro the square October 07, 2008
To be Gandalfed is to be blocked or stopped from passing
Hey Pete I tried to overtake you on the way home and you totally Gandalfed me!

"having my mate around on a night out is a real cock Gandalf"
by Wilsond December 23, 2013
The process of having been pentrated by a large staff or rod, cheifly with sexual connotations
My boyfriend Gandalfed me so hard last night.
by Chimbles2 December 08, 2007
When the car you're about to pass cuts over in front of you.
I can't believe that slow poke cut you off; you've been Gandalfed!
by ragamuffin941 August 02, 2011

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