1. Gandalf the grey/white..The powerful Wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. Uses wisdom more than magic.

1. Any soft furry cuddly wrinkly man you just want to hold in your arms and run your fingers through the hairs on his chin because his beard is so long and (sometimes) white. Elderly medieval Vikings, Noah in the movie Evan Almighty, the fat man over by the well on the first playable level in Dragon Quest VII for Sony Playstation 2, Moses, an age-morphed Jesus, and of course...Sikhs.
1. I'm glad no Balrog was camping over Gandalf's respawn point in The Two Towers.

2. Did you see that 4 foot tall Sikh? He's such a Gandalf! I just want to pick him up and stroke his beard hairs.
#cuddly #furry #soft #bearded #chin hairs #vikings #sikhs #magic
by Braveheart's thirst for blood April 24, 2007
I've got a gandalf in the car if you want a hit.
#marijuana #pipe #slang #weed #dope
by JimmyCurn1 January 04, 2008
The butler who did it.
We were playing "Clue" and figured out that Gandalf killed Mrs. White in the Conservatory with the lead pipe.
by Gandalf December 28, 2003
a gent with long grey pubic hair
you gandalf cunt and grey pubed mother fucker
#grey pubes #hairy baws #lord of the rings #manly #tough guy
by THE PAMSTER May 04, 2007
Another word for a double chin.
Girl 1: Ewww did you see her gandalf? It's so fat.
Girl 2: Which one?
#lord #of #the #rings #gandalfe
by ilike2eatbabies July 08, 2009
Something which kicks your (fucking) face off. Amazing.
"Did the DJ kick your (fucking) face off?"
"Yes, he was fucking Gandalf!!"
by Sigmund Freud November 03, 2004
The sexy old man of LOTR. although hes completely gay, he doesn't go for his co-worker, and also gay elijah wood. (elijah's with sam!!)
Gandalf is the fucking coolest old man ive ever seen.
by duxchic17 May 16, 2004
A resident of the FFShrine message board and Rotten Tomatoes. The biggest flaming homosexual on earth, who yet claims to hate anal sex.
Gandalf is such a flaming homosexual.
by Sarah February 07, 2005
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