1. Gandalf the grey/white..The powerful Wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. Uses wisdom more than magic.

1. Any soft furry cuddly wrinkly man you just want to hold in your arms and run your fingers through the hairs on his chin because his beard is so long and (sometimes) white. Elderly medieval Vikings, Noah in the movie Evan Almighty, the fat man over by the well on the first playable level in Dragon Quest VII for Sony Playstation 2, Moses, an age-morphed Jesus, and of course...Sikhs.
1. I'm glad no Balrog was camping over Gandalf's respawn point in The Two Towers.

2. Did you see that 4 foot tall Sikh? He's such a Gandalf! I just want to pick him up and stroke his beard hairs.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood April 24, 2007
a terrible and or unfunny joke/sarcastic comment or supposedly funny statement
used as a verb or adjective.
people considered gandalf are often rejected from friendship groups etc
person 1: why was the chicken so happy?
person 2: why?
person 1: because everything was eggcelent!
person 2: thats a gandalf (or just plain 'gandalf')

person 1: god that guy is such a gandalf
person 2: ikr
by vrysrslysrs September 24, 2010
He's the sexy old magical wizard from Lord of the Rings. He's mad pimpin, just look at his pimp stick. He's been around for generations and just about everyone knows him! He must get what he wants when he wants, if you know what I mean ;)
Gandalf the mofoin' P.I.M.P and the lil dirty hobbit Frodo have a really close relationship. I wonder what happens in the bedroom at night time between both of them.
by Figgy February 01, 2004
An exclamation, spoken with great gravity to a MTF tranny whose member has begun to bulge from under her frock.

Derivation: Sir Ian McKellen, the wizard in flowing robes: "You shall not pass!"
It was off to the Ladies Room, after Hedwig's friend bent over and whispered in the tranny's ear: 'Gandalf! Go check yourself, girl!'
by valeriegirl June 08, 2009
one who pwnzorz middle earth with a strong pimp slap
Gandalf watched as Frodo and Sam touched each other...
by anonymous June 24, 2004
The act of shooting seaman on a women's chin area so that it drips off looking like the long white beard of Gandalf.
Great Gandalf, your seaman makes me look like an old wizard
by Titsmcgeesax October 06, 2010
To mess up or die in an exceedingly excessive manor. Source: Gandalf's death scene - fighting the demon all the way to lower-earth, and also Gandalf the Beta fish. Gandalf impaled himself on a spiky plastic plant - from gill through eye.
Example 1: "Dude, you totally gandalfed yourself last night proposing to Jenny. An oversized engagement ring around your pecker is not romantic."

Example 2: "Did you see that wreck on the 405 last night? That girl was totally gandalfed."
by NoSugarAdded May 20, 2007
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