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The greatest wizard in the world (Middle-earth) he's so cute and adorable! Everybody should have a gandalf in their life! Someone they can talk to, someone who can always offer you advice, someone with magical powers to save u from all the baddies in the world, someone who you know will always give you a hug at the end of the day!
He's like the perfect grandad that everybody wants!
Gandalf rocks!
by surfergirl April 27, 2004
A fun way of being naked!
You know that your gonna be havin a gud time if ur gettin nekkid!
*mobile rings* Hi what ui up2?
*reply* he he! im gettin nekkid!
by surfergirl April 26, 2004
This is a phrase used instead of WOW! It is used a lot in the film 'Win a date with Tad Hamilton!'
You walk into a very posh hotel suite and say "Wack a Doo!"
by surfergirl April 26, 2004
A great alternative/rock band that is mistaken to be listened to by today's teenagers and wanna be goths. But, is really just a great band that deserves more credit than they get.
Hey what's your favorite band?

Green Day.

You wanna be goth! You probably don't even know any other rock bands.

No? I just think it's a good band, and yes I do listen to more than Green Day. They're just my favorite band in my favorite genre of music...
by Surfergirl November 17, 2014

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