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Means "belongs to the ass" in India's languages where gand meand ass
"voh madarchot ganda bhai gujarati kaha hai" which means Where is that ass brother Gujarati
by sureshpatila March 06, 2009
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A mulitple purpose noun/verb which is used at a suitable occasion.

A ganda may be used in describing a person that has peculiar or bizarre characteristics.

It may also be used to describe when somebody has done something abnormal or extraordinary.
"What a ganda"
"Don't do a ganda"
"YOU ganda"
"This is the REAL ganda"
"Theres one of ganda's mates"
by Ganda March 24, 2009
Usually used by British teenagers to refer to someone who is good looking.
Essentially means fit but can also mean cool.
That guy is so ganda.
by GandaBloke June 02, 2011
in Philippines (Filipino), it means beautiful.
it can't be used in English though..

but it goes like..

Filipino: "ang ganda mo."

English: "you're beautiful."
by pickoy June 15, 2009
(noun, heard in West London) a look
"Let's have a ganda."

"Have a ganda at this."
by rambo9000 June 08, 2009
Primarily used to describe a little stroll in for no real reason or in no direction. Since its creation by the legendary Matilda Fitzwebster its meaning has evolved and now can be used generally to mean "cool" "nice" or "fashionable."
That is so not ganda... Her shoes are so ganda... lets go for a little ganda
by twisted_690 June 06, 2006
Ganda (pronounced gandà or gan-DA') is a southern italian pronunciation of the word Cantare which means "to sing." Me and my two buddies frequently drive around town singing earth shattering and mind blowing three part harmonies along to the music of various songs on our iPods. We are italian and we would say say lets go cantare, which naturally (as we tend to do with italian words) became visciously mispronounced and totally over-exagerated in jest, and became ganda
Chris: Lets go get a coffee
Rick: Ok, maybe we can do some good ganda while we're at it..
Claudio: yea man...let's nine..
by provchef87 August 05, 2007

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