from the origin "game" meaning I am willing to attend or to take part in a specific activity or event.
tom "going to town tonight if you want to come?"
sean "yeah im Gams to fuck"
by Dr Kennith Noisewater November 04, 2011
gay asian male or gay azn male
by 909 July 24, 2003
a leg, usually of a woman(often plural)
She displayed a rock solid gam.
by The Return of Light Joker February 03, 2008
acronym for Grown Ass Man
Eddie Johnson is a GAM
by brentmcd May 31, 2010
A GAM is acronym for Gay Asian Male.
Rice queens and gammon form a symbiotic partnership.
by anonquick August 04, 2007
G.A.M stands for Grown Ass Man.
Who the f*$#% are you?

-A G.A.M.

A what?

-A Grown ass man, now shut the f#$%# up.
by Mektah June 24, 2010
G - Greasy, A - Ass, M - Monkey. A person suggestive of grease in slickness or slipperiness. Seen mostly on human hair or skin. A person with G.A.M usually struggles to be included but is often avoided by fellow peers.
Omg!! Isn't that the guy derek in our science class?!! Hes such a G.A.M! HAHAHAHA!
by iRuNy April 29, 2005
Acronym for get at me.
You know who you are.
by PineappleJuice March 05, 2015

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