When someone views/partakes in an action in a video game that is so amazing and/or awe-inspiring that that the individual makes an orgasm sound.

Gaymgasm/Gaymegasm: When two or more gamers of the same sex simultaneously have a gamegasm over the same action in-game.
Gamer 1: *watches "Life in the West" video of Red Dead Redemption* *makes orgasm/sex noises*
Later that day:
Gamer 1: Dude I just watched a trailer for Red Dead Redemption, everything in that video gave me a gamegasm!
Gamer 2: Some of the stuff in that game looks freaking sweet!
by Anonymoose Gamer April 18, 2010
Top Definition
1. To have the most fun ever playing a game.
2. to literally have an orgasm playing a game.
I bought this cool game, it was so damn good I had a gamegasm.
by gamer696969 December 09, 2006
Noun- Gamegasm: A feeling of immense pleasure given by the look/feel/sound/gameplay of a game.

Verb- To Gamegasm: Verb describing the above noun.

Adjective- Gamegasmic: If something is gamegasmic, it causes a gamegasm.
Noun- When playing Command and Conquer 3 it sounded and looked so good i had a gamegasm.

Verb- The gameplay of Gears of War causes me to gamegasm.

Adjectice- Just the thought of GTA IV was gamegasmic.
by Smutchings April 08, 2007
When in many games, where a female character dies, it sounds more like an orgasm than someone dying.
Whenever you frag female players, they have a gamegasm. You can tell that men made this game.
by RedBlade77 November 19, 2009
Joy that comes after 12 hours of intense and focused activity.
I sent incoherent voice notes to my wife after our 12 hour session of Twilight Imperium 3 and she said it sounded like I was having a gamegasm.
by che2487 October 25, 2014
To fall in love with a game so much you could empty your clip over it.
Gamer 1: Dude, have you played Skyrim yet?

Gamer 2: No, I heard its gamegasm material!
by Doingyourmom February 04, 2014
To explode with immense pleasure over the release of so many new games!!! ^.^(xbox 360)
i had a gamegasm because so many new Xbox 360 games came out
by Bigaznboi4lyf June 15, 2009
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