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When drinking alcohol, this refers to the stage after buzzed and before being drunk. It's really easy talking to girls. You have game.
"I'm past buzzed, I'm gamed! I'm bout to go spit some game."
by casey malloy May 15, 2008
To be messed up or screwed over
Dude did you see his face after that car accident, its totally gamed.

We decided to take the 405 and got gamed, 3hours stuck in traffic.
by skeetman8 April 06, 2009
To play game so excessively that you're no longer playing a game, but being played by a game. The condition is often accompanied by symptoms such as talking about games excessively, especially of their trophies(PS3)/ achievements(XBOX360), and general disregard and neglect to surrounding environment called life.
Mark: Hey guess what guys, I got all the achievements for COD World at War, and I got my 3Billionth kill!!
Steve: Mate, you are so gamed.
by HAHAboiii November 05, 2009
When your game cartridge is ripped out of your gameboy while you are playing
Someone is playing pokemon blue version so you rip out their game and yell "You got gamed!"
by got gamed May 20, 2009
To be game for something, to be excited
I am so fucking gamed for the pizza party tonight, Brad.
by brainus August 29, 2007
To be played, to lose, pwned.
1) "I was so gamed last night at practice!"

2) "I tried to pass the ball." Person

"Seriously? That was gamed!" Other Person
"Shut up." Person
by NeverShoutNeverGirl September 29, 2009
To be cheated.
The banks gamed me into investing in their AAA rated instruments, which it turned out were worthless - I lost everything.
by streaky April 21, 2010
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