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To play game so excessively that you're no longer playing a game, but being played by a game. The condition is often accompanied by symptoms such as talking about games excessively, especially of their trophies(PS3)/ achievements(XBOX360), and general disregard and neglect to surrounding environment called life.
Mark: Hey guess what guys, I got all the achievements for COD World at War, and I got my 3Billionth kill!!
Steve: Mate, you are so gamed.
by HAHAboiii November 05, 2009
The act of wasing one's hair (on one's noggin), and applying the leftover shampoos to one's pubic hair. May sometimes be carried out for masturbational purpose rather than for hygienic one. Believed to be carried out often by a Jacob, and possibly by a Thomas.
Mum: What the hell were you doing in the bathroom for the last 30minutes!!??
Jacob: What the hell mum, I needed to shampube.
by HAHAboiii November 05, 2009
Originated from the word spectacular, it is used to describe a state of oneself feeling sped, but in a wiseguy manner.
The magical genie: So how you doing Trevor?
Trevor: Sped-tacular. Seriously don't you have lamp to shit in?
by HAHAboiii November 05, 2009
The most awesome band ever, at the very least of 21st Century. To hate this band most likely means one of the following;

- You do not understand music.
- You only listen to emo/ screamo which is in fact not even music, but merely audio recordings of sad pooftas wearing eye-liners screaming about how shit their lives are.
- You only listen to raps, which admittedly have several good songs, but otherwise many high-school students listen to it because they either do not understand music, or think it makes them tough.

- You constantly have dicks filling your ears making unable to hear Chris Martin (the lead singer), and the band itself.

Their albums, Parachute, A rush of blood to the head, X&Y and Viva La vida, are must-haves to complete any musical compilations.
Poofta: Man, Coldplay is sooo lame.
Normal kid: Dude, your ears are filled with dicks. You probably can't hear me but you can't call anything lame, least of all Coldplay.

30yrs old man whose musical knowledge extends only to baa baa blacksheep: What's this Coldplay business? it nothing like what my mum sings to me at home.
The man who understands music: Boy, you have problems....
by HAHAboiii November 05, 2009

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