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A person that plays games, like mind games with others
Sho, u's a game player,
by Lil Eng May 24, 2006
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A "game player s" is a person who desperately tries to destroy a message board. More specifically, message boards related to video games.
A "game player s" has been said to love video games, but hates anyone else who gets near them.
"Ah, hell naw! He's game player s'ing this place up!"

"A game player s has been lurking, and the increased number of moderations is pointing him out!"
by timmypod November 04, 2005
Someone who is willing to stick with a team even when things look down.
Billy is a game player. He won't be the first to give up and go home.
by older guy8519 February 26, 2009

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