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Poor Man's Rolex.
Will show that you are stylish enough to get the get best you can afford, but obviously not rich enough to be wearing a rolex instead.

Very reliable and excellently made , a Japanese watch that is built to last and built to work well.

Prices range from £60 onwards to around £350 from most conventional watch stores in the UK, but there are other variants that can cost up to as much as a Rolex, though as you can tell, they don't sell very well (who'd get a Seiko for the same price as a Rolex).
Seiko is endorsed by Honda F1. Just like Mercedes and Porsche is endorsed by Tag.
by sundarasundara August 10, 2009
1. noun : Second Fastest Man Ever.

2. adj :

when you try so hard engaging in months of preparing, gruelling training - sweating it out , hoping and raring to go out there and give it your best to win and restore glory - only to do all that and just fumble a distant, distant second - being beaten by a better person by a mile, you've had a tyson gay.
Tyson Gay's 9.71 (s) at the 100m Final at Berlin 2009 was obliterated my Usain Bolts' groundbreaking 9.58 (s).

Tyson Gay ran 9.71 , on any other race, he would have obliterated the field, but against Usain Bolt, you come out second , not my an inch, but by several metres, still. Usain Bolt beat Tyson Gay in the 100m Final at the Berlin World Championships, August 2009, bettering his 2008 Beijing Olympics 100m record of 9.69 by 0.11 seconds, registering a brilliant 9.58 seconds to blow them all away, Tyson Gay included, who, with the third fastest time ever recorded (after Bolt's 9.58 and 9.69) came a distant, distant second.
You could tell he ran the race of his life and gave his life, but just wasn't to be, because when you are facing against the man they call Bolt - you just weren't born to be good enough.
by sundarasundara August 25, 2009
Rapper who never sweats the technique, and is noted for being classical, too intelligent to be radical. Masterful, never irrelevant , mathematical.
Rakim and Eric B - they so good , that 'scientists try to solve the context, philosophers are wondering what's next'.
by sundarasundara August 10, 2009
The Chav's haven for 'smart' clothing.

Overpriced 'branded' designer (if you consider Nike/Adidas/Puma that) sports gear that is the cornerstone of the upperclass Chav's/Wally's/Scally's dressing style (lowerclass Chavs will resort to bootleg, counterfeit goods on market stalls). A Store containing everything from street corner ranges to 'Look at me blad, gayn to ma bredrins funeral/weddin layyk..check ma shoes innit doh' occasional clothing. Though clothing from that store is regarded as stylish - especially around the SE , E and N postal areas in London , the rest of the country and of society regard it as trash.
The Chav's idea of looking smart and stylish is buying a t-shirt from 'JD Sports' (laaaykkkk) , keeping the tagging, probably 'Nike' , a pair of grey, expensive jogging bottoms and topping it off with trainers the colour of the rainbow, also costing a weeks worth of benefit support/a day's mugging/stealing.
by sundarasundara August 12, 2009
1. descriptive noun / adj.

A term used by Sport-literature individuals to describe a sportsman that can be relied upon to deliver and succeed at the crucial, definining and pivotal moments in his teams' , or his own sporting conquests.

It is most commonly used in Footballing terms - a big game player is someone who can deliver goals, or play well and do his role effectively and inspirationally - and not be over-awed, but create fear and awe in the opposition, without getting swayed in by the occasion , be it a crucial fixture against a big team, or a World Cup Final , or Cup Tie and other such engagements. People say that a great player can be defined most by their ability to be big game players - delivering against the biggest teams, when their teams need it the most, and succeeding against all qualities of opposition.

This term can also be called as 'Big Match Man'.

This term although is mainly attached to Football, it can be attached to other sports as well.
A goal..in the Champions League Quarter Final...when his team needed it the most...from a team that all other teams fear...it is the Big Game Player...Ronaldo
by sundarasundara June 17, 2010
Usain Bolt's catchphrase before a race , often projected towards the cameras that pan past him at his starting position (well, pose for him - after the Superman and Zeus dramatics) where he will follow a series of cool sayings in that deep Jamaican accent with the phrase itself.
9.58 seconds later, Bolt goes on to the break his own world record by 0.11 seconds.

2. The act of gearing up for something special..something fast that would be quickly over where you get down, put your seatbelt on - look at the person next to you and put a check on them - and roll. And when you do it, you do it cool.
Commentator *In Lane 4 we have Usain Bolt...the World's fastest man. How will be be faring on the final of the World Championships*
*Bolt waves to the crowds, does Superman poses and says 'Jah Man!' every too seconds with a big grin on his face. *Bolt looks towards the cameria*and says :

I'm ready. Are you ready? Let's go!

Commentator *Evidently not the least bit nervouse...And there you have it, he's ready alright*

Commentator *On their lanes....and they go*
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Finish line

Commentator *He's done it again...9.58 ... a new World Record in the 100m.*

This man is unstoppable.
We were ready alright, but not for something this spectacular!
by sundarasundara September 02, 2009
Powerful, stupendously funny, yet so real lyric of NY Rapper, Immortal Technique.

His raps are full of stuff like that.
Obscene, disgusting - yet so intelligent , metaphorical and potent to your ears.
My favourite rapper.

The only rapper who doesn't care (infact encourages you) to download his music off of the internet just to enjoy and play his music out lout to spread the message of the corrupt system :
'Burn it off the fucking interent and bump it outside, bump it out side'.
'Is that your girl, bitch get over here, Gimme some brain!
I'll bust off on her face, and right after that segment, she'll probably rub it in her pussy , trying to get herself pregnant!'

- An example from Immortal Technqiue's song , Obnoxious.

I'm like aids, you'll regret fucking with me
- Freestyle
by sundarasundara August 10, 2009

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