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A term coined by Lewis Carroll in the poem "Jabberwocky" which was on the novel "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" published in 1872.

It's a combination of the words 'gallop' and 'triumphant'
"He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back"
(Lewis Carroll, "Jabberwocky" from "Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There")
by Eclips3d October 23, 2011
1. To move or run clumsily or heavily.
1. "He went galumphing back." (Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There")
2. The little kid went galumphing to his mother to show her something.
by zeekage October 26, 2003
Hopping from an 'all-fours' position, returning to same. Sort of a cross between jumping and crabwalking.
Vort and Mildred went galumphing down to the yackity swingset.
by dorn fingermeal September 20, 2003