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A person who is know to move in a slow clumsy manner. Usually of the species revoltus biggus bitchus

One who has no socially redeeming value and should not be allowed to reproduce with members of the human race.

A species that resides on orange sectional couches in the midwest and is know to cohabitate with any one who can put up with their malodorous ass!
Man that (person) is a black haired galumph! Their dad should have jerked off in the sink!

by the original JR chance November 05, 2006
to move ungracefully, to move clumsiy
Don't Galumph around the computer room.
by The Return of Light Joker August 20, 2008
1. <verb> to move with an ungainly gait; controlled falling
2. -ed <verb past tense> to seat tables in a rural fine dining restaurant
3. -ing <verb> same as to galumph, but quicker and for longer distances
She picked up the menus and, with a smile, galumphed off to the dining room.
by Chowboy October 21, 2013
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