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A term used in the old red light districts of Europe, referring to a scoundrel, troublemaker, or outlaw (or a troublemaker even among outlaws).
After his fight with the pirates the week before, Cap'n John had become known as a skallywag; as well as a man who could hold his ale.
by Fawkes August 21, 2004
The term "GAIDs" was used by newspapers during the early stages of the AIDS outbreak. At the time, it was thought that only homosexuals (or 'gays') could get AIDS. GAIDS stood for "Gay acquired immune deficiency Syndrome".
Newspaper headline: "GAIDS Spreads Through California!"
by Fawkes August 21, 2004
To use political power for personal gain. "Graft" is a term used first during the "Gilded Age" (late 19th century.
Boss Tweed showed extreme graft in the 1880's when he pocketed $10 million that he said paid for Tammany hall.
by Fawkes December 01, 2004
Cigarettes, usualy bad tasting and highly flameble.
She lit up some napalms to keep the cold away.
by Fawkes December 01, 2004
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