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a sound used usually when a person is extremely streesed or annoyed.

Is often used on Xangas and when people are dealing with slow computers.
Gahh! I lost those papers again!

Gahh! My computer just froze!

Gahh! My sister is screwing up the computer!

Gahh! My worh is all screwed up!

Gahh! I'm having such a bad day!
by youXdunnoXme June 17, 2005
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A word used to for not knowing what else to say. Can be use to express, anger, happiness, anything basically. Most commonly has an exclamation mark at the end.
1.) Gahh! That test was so hard.
2.) Gahh! I can't wait for this Friday.
3.) Gahh! I want to rip her head off.
by firstname-lastname September 24, 2007
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An expression of complete disgust, disinterest or general distate for the situation at hand. Can be used when you are so angry that it is the only sound that comes out of your mouth.
The new girl threw out two entire months of work because she wasn't paying attention!!! GAHH!!!
by k8inboston January 19, 2005
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Abbreviation for Gallagher (Financial Systems).

Used by software developers when dealing with Gallagher's software bugs.
Developer1 says: Hotfield70 is not firing!

Developer2 says: "Gahh!!"

Developer3 says: "Gahh!!"

Developer1 replies: "Gahh!!"
by Chase Developer December 14, 2004
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literal meaning;; "yez hot person with exceedingly good looks, i would be happy if you bug me to death durin the whole sophomore year."
Person1: a ma bug you to death.... is tht ok?? lol xD

Person2:gahh xP
by zekexp August 15, 2008
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