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pronounced gaga-ing

the act of obssessing about lady gaga, or listning to her music an obscene amount, and going on about how good she is
1: whats up?
2: nm man, just facebooking, talking to people and gagaing
1: dude, lady gaga is awesome, i love poker face
by bingbangboom June 15, 2009
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When one dances or acts like Lady Gaga.
Example 1:

Person: Wow! That girl is so TOTALLY Gaga-ing!!

Example 2:

Person 1: What is that girl doing??
Person 2: She's Gaga-ing.
Person 1: What the HELL is that?
Person 2: When you dance or act like the Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga.
Person 2: Ooh!!!

Example 3:

(Watching All Time Low's music video I Feel Like Dancin')

Person 1: Look at them totally go!
Person 2: They are Gaga-ing the hell outta that!
by T'WAS ME! November 13, 2011
Misdirecting someone to Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video with a URL. Similar to Rick Rolling.
He clicked on a link and got Lady Gaga's "Telephone". It's another example of gagaing.
by VirusOfTheMind July 28, 2011
The act of taking something normal or good and making it very, very strange.

History: The phrase originated from Lady Gaga, who was overtaken by her own success, and as a result, went from being cool and new, to just weird and annoying.

Other uses of the phrase: To GaGa, GaGafy, GaGa It, GaGa'd
Examples of of GaGaing:

Jon: Hey, did you see the video for Telephone?

Geoff: Ugh, unfortunately... Man, she totally GaGa'd it...

ex. 2

Jon: Hey, did you see that new Miley Cyrus video?

Geoff: No, why would I watch a Miley Cyrus video?

Tim: Oh I did! Yeah, it's like she's taking weird lessons from Lady Gaga... It got totally GaGa'd...
by The Mysterious Mister M May 21, 2010

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