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The most amazing woman known to walk this earth. She and her beautiful vagina will walk proudly in the music industry with her ass and tits.

Not to mention, she loves all of her fans (little monsters) more than any other celebrity known to man-kind. She has not one bad thing to say about anyone except for skinny bitches that she bites the heads off of on stage at her concerts.

She is part of the LGBT community and a HUGE supporter of it.

She was born this way.

Paws up.
Boyfriend (non-monster): I will love you forever and until the end of time.

Girlfriend (monster): And I will love you forever and no matter what. Nothing will ever come between us.

Boyfriend: I don't really like Gaga that much...

Girlfriend: Yeah...we're over.
by @katygaga95 April 20, 2011

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