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A game played in a some-what octagonal shaped pit with a ball about the size of a soccer ball. The objective of the game is to be the last one in the pit. There is no limit to players.
How to play:
One person standing outside of the circle throws the ball in and says "Ga-ga-ga" as the ball bounces at least 3 times. Once the ball bounces 3 times, players may hit the ball. Players who touched the ball before the last "ga" is out. Players must try and hit the other players knee and below with the ball. Once a player is hit knee below, that person is out. If the ball hits you above the knee you are not out unless the ball bounces out of the pit.The last person to touch the ball before it bounces out of the pit is out. Anyone who scoops the ball is out. No double touches are allowed. The player may only hit the ball once. After that it must be touched by another player or touch one of the walls of the pit. Beware of ghosts while playing Gaga. Ghosts are people who hide behind others in the game and never hit the ball so they won't get out. They end up being the last ones in the game because of this and attempt to win when they don't have any skill because they haven't every tried.
Player 1: Wanna play gaga?

Player 2: YEA! Everyone loves playin' gaga!
by Penelope the Perty Princess May 02, 2011
16 11
I cool new way of saying 'haha' that didn't remotely come into existence because of a type. No.
Gaga, you're so funny.
by Char Izard August 21, 2012
5 2
Ga Ga is a game played in a pit or other variations of a pit. The game is played with a ball sort of like dodgeball, where everyone playing stands on the edges of the pit as one person throws the ball into the air. No one can touch the ball before the ball bounces three times (as the ball bounces everyone says ga) if you touch the ball before three bounces you're out. After three bounces the ball is live, you must hit the ball and try to hit someone below the knees to get them out, you cannot hit the ball twice before someone else touches it or it touches the wall. If the ball is caught, the last person to touch it before the catch is out, after a catch the ball is re thrown. The game is more fun with many people playing, the game can get very violent and people are prone to injuries because of it. The game is more popular with the Jewish community. Some rules are different where played but has the same idea
Hey do you want to play Ga Ga?
Not if its just the two of us, plus I'm still recovering from last time we played.
by Joel Steinman November 11, 2007
9 10
Getting so drunk and/or high that anything goes and nothing impossible. Just like Lady Gaga does everyday.
After a long week at work, I can't wait to hit the club and just say F*%& it , I'm getting gaga.
by Staggolee27 August 13, 2010
15 17
Old and Senile. Usually refering to an old person who has absolutely no idea about what is going on.
She is so gaga that she thinks a quarterback is a refund...
by Insane March 10, 2005
52 56
(adj) Extravagent to no end and yielding nothing but more of itself.

i.e. Too much of something amounting exponential nothingness.
We just have a Gaga number of troops in Afghanistan right now.

The Container Store is totally Gaga, it's almost trippy.

We argued for hours until we were both just screaming Gaga and had to stop.
by RahRahBlah April 08, 2010
10 16
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. see also: lack of oxygen to the brain causing damage and resulting in ending up in a giant plastic egg and a body condom believing that it's 'art'
Oh God, you tightened your headband so tightly that you're acting like Lady Gaga now!
by officially emily February 26, 2011
14 21