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the point where one is about to throw up due to a cock reaching too far down one's throat, whilst giving head.
the arsehole made me gag when he pushed my head down whilst I was giving him head... I ain't doing that again in a hurry!!!!!
by sassydragon October 23, 2003
a piece of material that restrains the voice of the victim.

Ex. duct tape, cloth, a sock...
The bitch was yelling a lot so i gagged her and tied her to a chair.
by Butthole February 22, 2004
Giggly Asian Girl. GAGs love to giggle at anything especially to get attention from guys. These girls seem to be completely harmless and airheaded but are actually smart as fuck. They giggle at everything and talk in their high-ass voices to look dumb. They know that they're cute but pretend to be completely modest about it. They are also prudes because when they get attention from guys, they don't do anything after. They also use the words "I love you" and "Aww" a lot, even when they don't feel that way. They are fake and WILL use your "friendship" with them to climb the social ladder.
Thomas: Wow she's so cute
Blair: Don't be fooled. She's a GAG. It's an act
by ihategags July 01, 2014
When a large penis is inserted into a girls mouth and it is so big she can't breathe, and there is a possibility she might be sick.
Boy's ex girlfriend: In my personal opinion he is HUGE

Current girlfriend: I know right

Boy's ex girlfriend:i had to put that in my gag reflexes are top notch ;) i mean i couldn't physically breathe!

Current girlfriend:oh no! i gag all the time though! i wouldnt be able to do it! i would just be sick on it, its fine hehe
by whatagag February 06, 2011
A variation on "haha" or "lol". Began due to the Blackberry Pearl's habit of auto-correcting "haha" to "gags". Endlessly flexible: just "gags" to equate with "lol", "gagsgagsgagsgagsgagsgagsgags" if something is ridiculously funny or "gags^n", like "gags^infinity".
"Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize"
by emsworth December 01, 2009
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