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Slang term for joke or prank.
Andy Larkin is the master of the gags.
by DarkMagicPaul96 November 10, 2009
Slang term for stomach ache.
Reggie:How are you?
Paul:I have gut ache.
by DarkMagicPaul96 October 18, 2009
This command is used in Counter-Strike in order to ban a player's ID (nickname) for several reasons,such as swearing and cheating.After the player is banned,he is kicked from the server and can't join the game for a several amount of time.If the admin bans a player's ID for 0 minutes,the player will be banned permanently.In addition,this command may be used also to ban a computer-controlled player.Its usage form is:banid <minutes> <userid> {kick}.
banid 0 terminatorul {kick}.''terminatorul'' has been banned permanently.
by DarkMagicPaul96 August 17, 2009
In 1337,it means rocker.
My brother is a real r0x0r.
by DarkMagicPaul96 December 08, 2009
Slang expression for "punch my stomache".
by DarkMagicPaul96 September 03, 2009
Be quiet.Expression used to substitute btfq (be the fuck quiet),especially stfu (shut the fuck up) when someone says something unimportant or stupid.More polite anyway.
Ash:GTFO of the way,jerks!(Team Rocket)
Paul:bq please!
by DarkMagicPaul96 January 28, 2010

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