astonish, often in disgust.
"why ya'll gagging so? she bring it to you every ball" see Paris Is Burning.
by tom nickel August 20, 2003
It means to vomit. It is the same thing as saying: to barf, to puke, to make street pizza, to say hello to the porcelain god and so on and so forth,
Geeez, that dude is shitting on the yard; it really makes me wanna gag.
by William Orellana April 19, 2006
to Grope And Go, to grab an ass and run
i gagged that guy last night!
by anna_banana August 01, 2006
to get on an AOL host and make someone typing not seen by anyone for the users set time.
=qpermagag snhere 60
by JEeto aol hax0r August 22, 2003
generic asian girl, often like to draw horses, generally all look the same
darn gags, i can't tell them apart

by i am frazz April 01, 2007
1. Fluctuating measure of weight normally around 270 lbs.
2. Kid whose very rich dad buys stuff
1. Wow, that thing weighs about a gag.
2. What a spoiled brat; what a gag.
by Beaudoin's a Faggot November 08, 2003
1. any amount of weight nearing 265lbs.
2. kid that owns stuff
3. guy that makes fun of greenleafs sexuality
Damn! This shit weighs a gag!
by I LOVE LYNCH!!!! November 06, 2003
An act of trying to make people jealous or to impress, but sadly failing.
Tre Cool refused to gag with 2 certain girls because he was so disgusted by their corniness.
by Gagginghater4ever September 04, 2005

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