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Sassy as can be. She doesn't take shit from anyone. She'll tell you what's up even if you don't want to hear it. She's also quite intelligent and athletic. She can drink just about anyone under the table; do not test her she may punch you in a black out rage. Mostly, she is fun-loving and gets along with just about everyone. She is quite clumsy though. If you do know Venessa very well, she is probably the best friend anyone could have and very loyal. She is very honest... With everything.
Did someone just fall down the stairs? Venessa must be home.
by Vanili February 03, 2010
The clearly superior version to the typical spelling vAnessa.

A moderately common name for a female; pretty; hot; beautiful; perfect; cutest girl you'll ever see. Wonderful curves, awesome body, very hypersexual. Outgoing, Confident, Funny....
"Damn, That's so hot.... It's almost A Venessa."
by VintageV February 03, 2010
A very outgoing girl with lots of confidence. She may be shy at first, but once you get to know her, you'll know who she truly is; an awesome, loyal, honest, funny, and will give you as much attention as you need. She'll always be there for you no matter what. She's a bit shy when it comes to guys as well.
Girl: I need a new best friend...
Boy: What about someone named Venessa? I heard they're REALLY good friends to have.
by JasMadness July 04, 2012
Venessa's are good cooks. They can cook anything from mexican to chinese food.

Venessa's are very pretty and all guys want to date her. They look good in any hair color and any style. Venessa's like makeup and sparkly things. They are loyal, funny, smart, sassy, and all around fun.
If you have a Venessa in your life you are lucky. Especially if your a significant other. She will love you like nobody else ever will.
I wish I had Venessa as a wife she's such a catch.

My bestfriend Venessa is so loyal and pretty.
by my5boys June 10, 2014

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