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slang term primarily used by gay men in the early to mid 90s. used when something is so fierce you can't help but wanting to gag from the overload of extreme fierceosity.
giiirl the farley & heller mix that junior used to spin at the factory still has me gagging to this day!
by cucusa November 10, 2008
very enthusiastic exclamation to be used when something is so effin fierce that you just have to say frezosh rather than the latter.
gerl a: gerl, that outfit is FREZOSH!!!
gerl b: ...mmmhmmm, i know gerl! *taps weave*
by cucusa July 02, 2008
ghetto spanglish slang.

this is pretty much the spanish/spanglish version of plskthx, formed from the melding of the spanish "por favor" and english "please".
ai guantu haf won, porfaplis??

les go au tunai, porfaplis??
by cucusa May 11, 2008
v v
pronounced "vee-vee"; an abbreviation for "very, very"
- did you see the show last night?
- yes, it was v v good!!
by cucusa July 23, 2008
alternate spelling of lawl or lawls
by cucusa August 21, 2008
Mainly used in the 1990s by gay men and usually pronounced with a stress on each syllable. This word was used as an alternative to fierce, which became overused at the time.
- Did you see Tanika in that Moschino outfit? She was looking FU-RI-OUS!!

- Girl, the party last night was furious!
by cucusa October 30, 2008

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