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someone of exraordinary douchyness, when just douche alone does not properly drscribe them.
Can you believe that guy actually likes that shitty band, what a GADOUCHE
#super douche #fag #asshole #loser #fucker
by cameron525 July 16, 2008
Someone who is tall, goofy and walks around disoriented. Can be found in Costa Rica; but is also rumored to inhabit Southern California. This creature gives off a douchey vibe and is a well known douche.
Man look at that tall mofo gadouching around.

There goes a gadouche!
#gadouching #gadouche #tall #no common sense #tall slob
by Beefcake420 January 24, 2013
The sound a large shit makes when hitting the toilet water
Just went for a gadouche
#gadouche #taking a shit #dropping kids off at the pool #taking a dump #dropping a log
by TheAstro30 November 17, 2014
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