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a phenomenon which occurs during an active conversation in google mail (gmail), when mail delivery is delayed by an indeterminate amount of time. The late delivery of the email which seems to have been caught in the time-space continuum, causes confusion, as if everyone,without knowledge, has warped through time.
(via email)
bob - 4:00pm: everyone, lets meet at the bar at 5pm, sharp. I have to be somewhere at 7.
jim- 4:01pm: sweet!
john - - 4:01pm: in!
tom - 4:02pm: which bar?
---insert 25 other misc messages---
jim - 8:00pm: had a blast guys

rupert - 3:56pm: hey you guys want to go to happy hour?
jim - 8:02pm: wtf?
john - 8:05pm: dude... we went. where were you?
rupert - 8:07pm: FUCKING GWARP!
by milkacow November 12, 2010
1.n. derogatory term used as an insult

2.adj. used to describe someone in a derogatory way
1."dont be a gwarp"

2."john is such a gwarp!"
by lazharris October 11, 2006

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