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8 definitions by milkacow

Fecal matter that contains trace spices, peppers, chilis, or oils from the person's last meal, causing the pooper anal discomfort or burning, ranging from mild to severe. This discomfort occurs while pooping and possibly up to 24 hours thereafter, dependent on level of spiciness of the consumed food.
Dude, after eating "El Burrito Diablo" from that mexican place, I have had spicy poop 3 times this morning alone. This is worse than when i ate the Atomic Wings!
by milkacow October 07, 2010
The aftermath of a night of moderate drinking, then deciding it is necessary to eat a gyro in order to drive home safely… which has the effect of tasting that for the next ½ of a day after you wake up, whether slightly still drunk, hungover, or stone sober.
guy 1: i'll have a water.

guy 2: i'll have a PBR.

guy 1: dude, its 10am!

guy 2: sorry bro, got the gyro effect from last night. need to get the lamb and a nasty chick taste out of my mouth.

by milkacow July 10, 2008
A used condom
1. Dude, someone left a spent shell on my sidewalk again.

2. WTF! If you are going to throw a spent shell in the toilet at least make sure it gets flushed.
by milkacow June 11, 2010
The act of going to an event venue with absolutely no intentions of seeing the performance or game. Only the sheer intentions of partying hardcore with random tailgaters.
Shim: we are going down to Chesney for some parking lot partying.

Mac: dude, you hate country music.

Shim: yea, but we figure there is beer and hot chicks there.

Mac: i am so in!
by milkacow July 29, 2008
The act of consuming only one beer within fifteen minutes. This is the alcoholics supreme challenge. In theory, it is not possible for an alcoholic to drink only 1 beer at the bar within 15 minutes. The drink will last either 5 minutes, or will turn into three to four drinks within that 15 minutes, or they will give up and stay at the bar for extended hours.

The theorum has been tested generally during the hours of 2pm-3pm during work hours, or immediately following office hours, generally 5pm. The 2pm-3pm attempts are normally coordinated through instant messenger or email, and involve serious planning on leaving the office in increments to not appear suspicious.

note: 98% of the time, all participants of the Pittsburgh area fail.
<through instant messenger>

sparky: "the vpn is down again man. the goat must have chewed through the phone line"

Duds: "Bob's Place. 1 beer 15 minutes"

Sparky: "i'll gather the crew."

20 min later...

Crew member: "i wonder if they know we're gone??"

60 minutes later...

crew is still at the bar, with no intention on returning until 9pm, only to go people bowling in the kitchen with water bottles, while smoking cigarettes, and someone decides its a good idea to shread a roll of toilet paper all over the men's room
by milkacow June 25, 2008
a phenomenon which occurs during an active conversation in google mail (gmail), when mail delivery is delayed by an indeterminate amount of time. The late delivery of the email which seems to have been caught in the time-space continuum, causes confusion, as if everyone,without knowledge, has warped through time.
(via email)
bob - 4:00pm: everyone, lets meet at the bar at 5pm, sharp. I have to be somewhere at 7.
jim- 4:01pm: sweet!
john - - 4:01pm: in!
tom - 4:02pm: which bar?
---insert 25 other misc messages---
jim - 8:00pm: had a blast guys

rupert - 3:56pm: hey you guys want to go to happy hour?
jim - 8:02pm: wtf?
john - 8:05pm: dude... we went. where were you?
rupert - 8:07pm: FUCKING GWARP!
by milkacow November 12, 2010
the direct aftermath of breaking the drinking rule of passing out with your shoes on which is a party foul. It is a classic form of shaming after the rule is broken, using permanent marker, usually of the Sharpie brand. The inks from the markers are used to decorate the face and occasionally body parts of the victim if they willingly removed their clothes prior to unconsciousness.
fratboy1: yo! lookit that douchbag's face who passed out on the couch! its covered in rainbow colored cocks!
fratboy2: hahaha! he got sharpietagged to hell and back!
fratboy1: yea, i am so glad i dont wear shoes to party in anymore.
by milkacow September 18, 2009