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In short the greatest weapon the world has ever seen. Produced by the legendary German arms manufacturers Heckler and Koch, the g3 is a delayed-action-blowback operated 7.62mm assault rifle first developed in 1950. Using the WW2 stg 44 platform as a starting point and working with the Spanish development agency CETME, the g3 was designed to be the worlds leading standard issue assault rifle. The genius in the design is the delayed blowback, which delays the recoil from the massively powerful 7.62mm round that it was adapted for. This combined with the elongated barrel allows for extreme accuracy up to 400 meters with the right opticals. What makes this gun so amazing is the fact that due to its pinpoint accuracy, it can be, and is, used by snipers across the globe while with its powerful round and full-auto capabilities (dont get your info from videogames you cod4 players, amazing game by the way)allow it to be used at close quarters very effectively. There are many different varieties of this weapon, the most recently developed being the G3KA4A1, but the overall most popular version is the G3A3. However ingenious the weapon is, the only country ever to standardize the g3 is the German Bundeswehr, which changed to the H&K G36c a while ago. This is due to the fact that the g3 is relatively difficult to learn to operate, and the 7.62mm's massive recoil, making the gun hard to handle on full auto. Also, due to legal issues after WW2, there are many guns that closely resemble the g3, most famously the Belgian FN Fal and the Spanish CETME. However, the g3 is still used profoundly throughout the world in more than 70 different NATO and non-NATO nations, and was used extensively in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
The commandos armed with g3s absolutely demolished the squads armed with crappy m4s because they picked them off at range before unleashing hell on them at close range.
by Schmidto April 24, 2009
Godly tour that was started in 1996 by Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, and a new third person each year. The tour is all about jizztastic guitar solos followed by more jizztastic guitar solos.
Aw man, I just saw G3, and i jizzed my pants during one of the godly solos.
by MetalMoe April 17, 2004
F**ckin pwns with an ACOG on Hardcore.
"OMG G3 RAPE!!!"
Yes you get obliterated by ACOG G3
by Dylan 'n' Luke May 16, 2008
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