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666, the number of the beast.

664, the bloke next door.
/Iron Maiden shirt
by MetalMoe April 20, 2004
A series of comics that are full of satirical commentary on controversial worldly issues. These comics can be enjoyed by all, even the stupid.
Ninjas can kill anything
by MetalMoe May 19, 2004
Godly tour that was started in 1996 by Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, and a new third person each year. The tour is all about jizztastic guitar solos followed by more jizztastic guitar solos.
Aw man, I just saw G3, and i jizzed my pants during one of the godly solos.
by MetalMoe April 17, 2004
A very deadly disease which the original host is unknown. Ebola was first recognized in 1976. There are four known subtypes of the Ebola virus, Ebola-Zaire which kills 90% of people, Ebola-Sudan which kills 50% of people, Ebola-Ivory Coast, and Ebola Restin which is not fatal in humans. Ebola causes people to spew blood and other fluids out of every orifice of their body, and is transmitted by these fluids.
You have Ebola, have fun spewing out your innards
by MetalMoe May 26, 2004
1. Godly NHL team. Hated by others because of their godlyness.

2. Killer of the Ottawa Senators during the playoffs

3. Go Leafs Go!
1. Aren't the Maple Leafs godly?

2. Sens suck

3. Go Leafs Go!
by MetalMoe April 14, 2004
Guitarist that likes to play for way to long and takes up some of Satch and Vai's time.
Man, I went to G3 amd Yngwie Malmsteen took so long that Satch and Vai were only on for 10 minutes.
by MetalMoe June 11, 2004

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