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Adverb. Describes the actions of a gangster or thug.
Often used to categorize excessively violent emotions onset by one's thugness.

Commonly used in robberies.
Yo, if you don't ante up your Sidekick, I'm bout to straight stab you on some G shit.
by xstacy72 August 23, 2005
when u mean sumthin from the heart nothin less only gangstas use diss talk if u aint a g dunt use it cuz we dun play dat fuck shit
a my nigga g shit if da nigga try me ima split his shit wide the fuck open
#there #is #no #tag #4 #this #word
by *407 NIGGA TILL I DIE* August 19, 2006
1. Often meaning real shit... like now and happening
2. For real?
1. Nick-"Yo dawg the is some good ass weed"
Ronald- "G-Shit"
2. James- "Ah hell no... i got Maria pregnant, again!"
Fabian- "G-Shit?"
James- "Yeah man G-Shit!"
#g shit #gshit #gangster shit #fo rizal #gangster words
by Nicholas A. Brown July 17, 2006
Something that is an example of "G" behavior. Such as, but not limited to robbing, capping or smashing. "G" meaning gangsta.
1. This nigga be on some straight G-shit.
2. I'll blow your whole shit up on some g-shit nigga.
3. Fuck all y'all niggas, run up on you wit all my dogs, fuck you think this is nigga? You about to feel that dead-ass real G-shit.
#g #cap #ghat #nigga #dead-ass
by G. Dr October 05, 2006
doing something that takes courage.. keeping it 100% real, no matter what..
"damn, there were like 10 dudes trying to jump him.. but he was on some g-shit and still fought them, by himself"
#g-shit #gangsta #trill #real #fake #gshit #courage
by November 08, 2009
hella good weed
i got that G-shit that make you feel alright
#weed #bud #grass #g-shit #toke
by budzilla13 February 10, 2010
Good shit
this outfit is g-shit
by B. Rab February 10, 2004
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