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2 definitions by xstacy72

Adverb. Describes the actions of a gangster or thug.
Often used to categorize excessively violent emotions onset by one's thugness.

Commonly used in robberies.
Yo, if you don't ante up your Sidekick, I'm bout to straight stab you on some G shit.
by xstacy72 August 23, 2005
121 74
A very high priced beef tenderloin meal. Filet mignon is often known for the tenderness of the meat and the sheer expense. Only served at the most classy restaurants and usually is priced at 35-40 dollars.

Made popular by rap stars who claim affluence by saying that they eat it.
"I'll poke you man I'm Riker's Island Pokemon
I got c.O.'s bringin me Filet Mingon"
~Tony Yayo
by xstacy72 August 23, 2005
93 110