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Short for Ghetto Pod, any knock-off of an I-Pod.
My G-Pod is smaller, louder, and way cooler than yours.
by Tom Arett May 02, 2006

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an Ipod for "Gangstas"... or anyone who thinks they're a "G".
human #1: "Dude, what kind of music do your Ipod?"

human #2: "Hey, hey, hey... i dont have an Ipod, i have a Gpod. get it right!

human #1: "What's the difference?"

human #2: "A Gpod is for "G's" only.

human #1: "Shit, i gotta get me one of those!"
by <INSERT_REAL_NAME_HERE> January 04, 2010
Slang word for good. Typical typing mistake, slowly evolving into an excepted word.
Shambo's wiener is really g pod.
by Brandon Hardy April 27, 2004