A piece of underwear designed to not cover a woman's behind and barely cover her gij. (Hence: g string is short for gij-string).
This stupid g string is going right up my gij!

by Ej and Tenty September 22, 2006
The first string form the left on a violin.
Bob's favorite string was the g string oh pervy.
by gelerts-_ule456 February 09, 2006
The group of 11 NFL players employed by the New York Giants and selected to be on the playing field at any given time.
The New York Giants are also known as the "G-Men". Thus, the offensive group of 11 players is the offensive G-String. The group of 11 defensive players are the defensive G-String.
by MULEHEAD January 20, 2010
small piece of underwear used to show off an attractive womans booty. consists of a minimal amount of fabric. G actually stands for groin, as in groin string
"that womans g string realy shows her fine ass booty"
by Aaron aka, Gargantuan June 01, 2006
very sexy underwear
by JeVoNeR September 14, 2003
The first and least thick string on basses with four or five strings, and the second one on basses with six, unless the bass has a different tuning.
The strings are, from down to up:
1st - G string
2nd - D string
3rd - A string
4th - E string
5th (when there is a 5th string) - B string
The other day I broke my G string while slapping.

I have to buy a new G string, because mine is rusty.
by The Bassplayer December 17, 2005
the third string on a cello, or a brilliant undergarment, to show off a great ass, pleas don't ware a g string if you are bigger than size 8!
a string
d string
G string
c string
by Gwenan January 01, 2006

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